Saturday, 17 April 2010

What Children are doing in the Internet?

Posted on 12:04 by anika

To day I was talking with one of my neighbor. She was too much worried about her two child who are using too much time in Internet. They are facebook addicted. They pass most of their time in facebook. The woman was worried about their child being addicted in pornography. Because facebook is a place to spread the nudity. there are so many groups who are working for spreading the nudity.

She was worried not only about facebook. She was also worried about what their children are doing in the Internet. How are they passing their times. Even are they passing any personal information with others?

What do you think about it. Are you thinking about your children? Are they safe?

She wants some suggestion from me to keep their child safe and away from pornography. There are so many ways to block porn sites in your computer. But in the term of facebook you can not do anything. I suggest her some tips to follow.
talk about the dangerous side of sharing personal information with unknown people. Warn them there are too many criminals and hacker are surfing the net to collect personal information to take advantages. Teach them about privacy in the Internet.

Place the computer in a place that it can be seen what they are doing in that. Make sure the screen is easy to see from all place.

Try to see who is in your child's friend list. what type of text or message is he exchanging.

Its all about carefulness. Do it if you need.

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