Saturday, 17 April 2010

Do you know how bigger Twitter is?

Posted on 14:42 by anika

Do you have any idea about twitter? How much bigger is it? May be or not.

Actually it is very difficult to get idea about the size of twitter. Because 75 percent activities of twitter happens out side of twitter via third party desktop and mobile application.

According to comScore, attracted 79.4 million unique visitors worldwide in March, 2010, a 316 percent increase from one year ago. ComScore tells that Twitter is the 30th largest site in the world now, bigger than Craigslist, Sony Online, and Expedia.

Twitter also disclosed that it currently has 105 million registered users and 180 million unique visitors to

At 180 million unique visitors per month, Twitter would rank No. 11 in comscore’s list of largest sites, right in between Tencent (172.8 million) and CBS Interactive (190.5 million). That is assuming, of course, that comScore’s estimates for everyone else is also correct. To be fair, no other measurement service got close to the 180 million either. And 75 percent of those users came from other clients, which makes it difficult to measure because they are clicking on links in desktop and mobile clients which then open up Web pages.

So, this is Twitter.

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