Monday, 26 April 2010

Speed up your computer with MSConfig.

computer speed is a great problem for some people who do not have a highly configured computer. But you can speed up your computer in various ways. But to day we will just show you how to speed up your computer by customizing the "Windows System Configuration (msconfig)" utility. This utility allows you to configure your computer.

You know if you run too much program in your computer at a time your computer will be slower. You also know that your computer needs some program to be run. Buy you may not know that all of this program is not necessary for all and always. Microsoft allows you to choose or customize these programs according to your needs. You can turn off that unnecessary program and surely your system's performance will grow up.

You see some icon in the right bottom of your computer. Windows loads some program when it starts. This is called startup program. It takes time to load when the computer starts. As many program you will keep there as much time it will take to load. Its better to uncheck all of them. You can run the program from the program list, it will just increase your systems load. There are also an option named service. You will see too many option is checked there. This also increase your system load. If you customize these two option your system will speed up defenately.

To do this go your start icon and then click on run. Type "msconfig" and click ok. The msconfig utulity will run.

A box will appear titled "system configuration utility" like this.

Go to the startup button. you will see some program will be checked that installed in your computer like this.

Its better to uncheck them all but before that go start button of your computer and then All program. Go to the startup. Some program will appear if it is installed in your computer.

Just drag it to keep with all other program. If you do not do this before unckeck all, this program will be uninstalled. If you do not want to encheck all, no need to do this. In that case you will have to choose according to your necessity. Just keep on apply to save this selection. then go to service to do more. It will be like this.

Now you need to think which one is necessary for you and which one is not. But if you have no idea then click on hide all Microsoft service. Then you will see some un necessary service. uncheck them. But you need to remember that all Microsoft service is not necessary. So you can choose service from there to deselect and not all non-Microsoft service are unnecessary. There may be some service that are important for you. So select them according to your needs.

Apply after finishing and restart your computer. A new box will appear. check it and click on Ok if you want to keep your changes. You will feel the difference of your systems performance.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

When you will buy Diamond Rings.

People buys Diamond rings for some special occasions such as marriage day, birth day or engagement. But before going to buy a diamond ring for the first time you may be confused to take a brave decision.

You need to remember this '4C' before going to buy a Diamond ring. These C's are color, cut, clarity and caret. Sometimes there is another C that is cost.

The Color of a Diamond.

Diamonds are graded from D to Z. Colorless diamonds are categorized in D. You need to know the more colorless a diamond is, the more valuable it is. The grading finishes in Z - the light yellow colored diamond. Always try to bye colorless diamond because the more colorless it is , the more light will pass through it.

The Cut of a Diamond.

Many people mistakes thinking the cut of the diamond with the shape of it. But that's not right. The cut of the ring allows light to go through the stone and make sparkle.The better the cut of a diamond, the better the fiery and sparkling.

Cut can be something very hard for a layperson to evaluate, for this reason it is important to get an AGS Certificate or a GIA Certificate verifying the quality of your diamond. Cut is graded like Ideal, Premium, Very Good, Good, Fair, and Poor. Generally you should seek an Ideal to Very Good Diamond. Budget-conscious shoppers may opt for good.

The Clarity of a Diamond.

The Clarity is very important. Generally the diamond has small flaws, scratches, air bubble etc in the body of the diamond. The less inclusions the diamond has, the more valuable it is, and also the more beautiful it is.

The Caret of a Diamond.

This is the size of a diamond. There are some people who give priority to this over all. But you will have to intelligent to do this. First think why are you buying this. If you want to present it to someone, then think weather he or she wears very rich level jewelry, then take a small one. But if you do not have any problem with the budget then don't need to think about this. Just go ahead.

Before buying make sure the diamond is a GIA Certified.

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Do you know how bigger Twitter is?

Do you have any idea about twitter? How much bigger is it? May be or not.

Actually it is very difficult to get idea about the size of twitter. Because 75 percent activities of twitter happens out side of twitter via third party desktop and mobile application.

According to comScore, attracted 79.4 million unique visitors worldwide in March, 2010, a 316 percent increase from one year ago. ComScore tells that Twitter is the 30th largest site in the world now, bigger than Craigslist, Sony Online, and Expedia.

Twitter also disclosed that it currently has 105 million registered users and 180 million unique visitors to

At 180 million unique visitors per month, Twitter would rank No. 11 in comscore’s list of largest sites, right in between Tencent (172.8 million) and CBS Interactive (190.5 million). That is assuming, of course, that comScore’s estimates for everyone else is also correct. To be fair, no other measurement service got close to the 180 million either. And 75 percent of those users came from other clients, which makes it difficult to measure because they are clicking on links in desktop and mobile clients which then open up Web pages.

So, this is Twitter.

facebook two times more popular to business employees.

Popular Social Media blog Mashablepost and through their link I went to this site and this post. Here a study showed that facebook is 2 times more popular to business employees than Google, the search engine giant. A security company network box found it from a study.

The company made an analysis over more than 13 billion urls used by business in the past 3 months of this year. The analysis showed that 6.8 percent business traffic goes to facebook which increase one percent compared to last 3 months of 2009.This is also twice more that the traffic google gets from business area and likely thrice that yahoo gets.

The study also shows that youtube

Here the complete data of top 5 in both side.

Top five websites visited by businesses:

* 1. Facebook – 6.8 per cent of all traffic
* 2. Google – 3.4 per cent of all traffic
* 3. Yimg (Yahoo!’s image server) – 2.8 per cent of all traffic
* 4. Yahoo – 2.4 per cent of all traffic
* 5. Doubleclick – 1.7 per cent of all traffic

Top five business bandwidth sites:

* 1. YouTube – 10 per cent of all bandwidth used
* 2. Facebook – 4.5 per cent of all bandwidth used
* 3. Windows Update – 3.3 per cent of all bandwidth used
* 4. Yimg (Yahoo!’s image server) – 2.7 per cent of all bandwidth used
* 5. Google – 2.5 per cent of all bandwidth used.
published a consumes the supreme in the field of business bandwidth that is 10 percent of all. It is two percent more than the amount of last quarter of 2009. But facebook is second place in this field. it got only 4-5 percent bandwidth only.

Microsoft Office 2010 is going to be released.

I downloaded the Microsoft offece2010 beta version in December 2009. Microsoft allowed people to download it since November 2009. More than 7.5 million people downloaded it which is 3 times more that the Microsoft office 2007 beta was downloaded.

More than 5,000 partners and organization worked for the developing and testing this software. Finally it reached the milestone to be released. Microsoft's Vice-President Takeshi Numoto told this in a blog post.

The Volume License customers with active Software Assurance (SA) will be able to download it from April 27. Other customers will be able to purchase it through Volume Licensing from Microsoft partners from May 1.

Office 2010 will first become available in retail stores in June in the US, and customers can pre-order these retail versions of Office 2010 at today to receive Office when it becomes available.

What Children are doing in the Internet?

To day I was talking with one of my neighbor. She was too much worried about her two child who are using too much time in Internet. They are facebook addicted. They pass most of their time in facebook. The woman was worried about their child being addicted in pornography. Because facebook is a place to spread the nudity. there are so many groups who are working for spreading the nudity.

She was worried not only about facebook. She was also worried about what their children are doing in the Internet. How are they passing their times. Even are they passing any personal information with others?

What do you think about it. Are you thinking about your children? Are they safe?

She wants some suggestion from me to keep their child safe and away from pornography. There are so many ways to block porn sites in your computer. But in the term of facebook you can not do anything. I suggest her some tips to follow.
talk about the dangerous side of sharing personal information with unknown people. Warn them there are too many criminals and hacker are surfing the net to collect personal information to take advantages. Teach them about privacy in the Internet.

Place the computer in a place that it can be seen what they are doing in that. Make sure the screen is easy to see from all place.

Try to see who is in your child's friend list. what type of text or message is he exchanging.

Its all about carefulness. Do it if you need.

Friday, 9 April 2010

Use Gmail as Hard drive.

Nowadays, Google is offering 7GB space in gmail. How much are you using? 5, 1 or 20 percent? Oh! its very difficult for you to use 20 percent. Ok, what ever may be. Do you know you can use your extra gmail space as your hard drive?
Some times, it may happen that you do not enough space in your hard disk but you need to store some data in it. At that time you generally delete some files that are unnecessary or less necessary. But at that time you can use your extra gmail space as your hard disk space.
If you want to do this, Download Gmail drive at first. Then extract the file and click on setup.

After finishing it, Go to your my Computer. You will see an extra drive icon named "gmail drive".
Double click on it and you will see a box will appear to log in.
Use your gmail account to enjoy the gmail drive. you will to upload and download your files in this drive. If your Internet connection is well, why hesitate to use?

Thursday, 8 April 2010

safety tips to use a public computer.

We need to use public computer for various reasons. Sometimes we need to use the public computers in cyber cafe or we use it in our campus. But do we know those computers are safe enough to use our personal information in it? Perhaps no. We are not aware of it. But it may causes to lose our account information, password or credit card number. So we need to follow some simple rules to prevent our personal information being hacked.

  • Don't forget to log out.
Don't forget to log out when you finish browsing any site. Don't just close the window or type another address in the address bar with out logging out. Generally social networking sites or web mail like yahoo or gmail keeps the log in records that will save your logged in condition. Then it is very easy for the man who came next to use the site with your account. So just log out at the time of leaving the pc.

  • Don't save password.
When you type your user name and password in any site some browser will ask you to save your password in the browser. Never do it in a public computer. When you sign in, you will see a tick box that says "remember me" or "keep me sign in". Always keep it unchecked before log in.

  • Clear your History.
After finishing your work delete the history and the temporary Internet files to protect your privacy.

  • Don't use super sensitive information in a public pc.
Hi, if you really want to safe, don't type the Credit card number and password or any other financial information in a public computer. It is possible for a hacker to use any program to record the key stroke in any computer. It is also possible to keep the records of your user name and password, even you logged out and deleted all of your activities in that computer.

So, don't do this if you rally want to be safe.

These are all for this time. But not for all time. Enjoy!

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Let's make single click restart buttton in the desktop.

A tutorial for making a single click restart button in your desktop which will save your time and help you to restart your computer easily.
To do this, go to your desktop and click on right button of your mouse. Go to "new" and then "shortcut. "

Then a box will come named "create shortcut". type "SHUTDOWN -r -t 30" there like the picture below. Here 30 comes from 30 seconds. That means your system will restart in 30 seconds. You can choose any time as you like. If you want your system will reboot without any countdown then type 00 there. Then type next and type the name of your shortcut "restart".

Then click finish to close it. Finally you will get a desktop icon to restart your computer. When you will double click on it, it will restart.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

I need to start it again.

I had never intention to earn from Internet. I'm not a greedy girl and always looking for money. I never impose my boyfriend to pay extra money when we meet. My family has enough money for me to live a comfortable life.

I created AdSense account whimsically and was never serious to earn from AdSense. But yesterday when the post man came to our house and gave me a letter from Google, I was really surprised. It was AdSense's personal Identification number(PIN) verification letter. In side the letter I got a PIN number for my AdSense account.

Most of the people may know what this PIN number is. When you desire to earn dollars from Internet with Google AdSense, you will have to create account in AdSense with your existing Gmail account. I believe every body has Gmail account and no body have to create new. Before applying in AdSense, you must have to have a blog or website. For the blessing of blogger, its a matter of a minute to have a blog and I believe that every body already have more than one blog. Google's AdSense team will observe your blog or website and will approve it for displaying ads, if they think your website or blog is better enough to display ads of Google AdSense.

After starting your online business with AdSense, when your earnings will reach 10 dollars, you will see a message in your AdSense report page that your payments are on hold currently. You need to verify your account. If you don't verify your account with in four months, Google will stop displaying ads in your site. If you don't verify your account with in six months, Google will will ban your AdSense account with all of your earnings.

Once it was easy to get AdSense approval for new account. But nowadays, I've heard that it is very difficult to get approved. I just created an account many days ago and did not take care of my blog as I was not willing to earn from net . So I can't say how it happened.

But yesterday when I got the letter from Google, I thrilled and found something new and totally different for me. I know so many peoples are trying to earn from Internet and are misguided what to do. They walks here and there and finally fail to earn.

It gave me different type of feelings to do something to be one of those few people who has made it possible. It wrote some articles in this blog at earlier time. I've deleted all of them to day and want to start every thing newly. I hope many people will take it as an inspiration to determine what to do.

Monday, 5 April 2010

I've deleted some post and want to start some new.

I published some post these days. But could not pay enough time for my blog. After coming back, I decided to delete my previous post except the first one.

I'm thinking to write down some new post for my readers as well as for me. I'll request to all of my readers to leave a comment, if you come here and read my articles.