Tuesday, 6 April 2010

I need to start it again.

Posted on 03:13 by anika

I had never intention to earn from Internet. I'm not a greedy girl and always looking for money. I never impose my boyfriend to pay extra money when we meet. My family has enough money for me to live a comfortable life.

I created AdSense account whimsically and was never serious to earn from AdSense. But yesterday when the post man came to our house and gave me a letter from Google, I was really surprised. It was AdSense's personal Identification number(PIN) verification letter. In side the letter I got a PIN number for my AdSense account.

Most of the people may know what this PIN number is. When you desire to earn dollars from Internet with Google AdSense, you will have to create account in AdSense with your existing Gmail account. I believe every body has Gmail account and no body have to create new. Before applying in AdSense, you must have to have a blog or website. For the blessing of blogger, its a matter of a minute to have a blog and I believe that every body already have more than one blog. Google's AdSense team will observe your blog or website and will approve it for displaying ads, if they think your website or blog is better enough to display ads of Google AdSense.

After starting your online business with AdSense, when your earnings will reach 10 dollars, you will see a message in your AdSense report page that your payments are on hold currently. You need to verify your account. If you don't verify your account with in four months, Google will stop displaying ads in your site. If you don't verify your account with in six months, Google will will ban your AdSense account with all of your earnings.

Once it was easy to get AdSense approval for new account. But nowadays, I've heard that it is very difficult to get approved. I just created an account many days ago and did not take care of my blog as I was not willing to earn from net . So I can't say how it happened.

But yesterday when I got the letter from Google, I thrilled and found something new and totally different for me. I know so many peoples are trying to earn from Internet and are misguided what to do. They walks here and there and finally fail to earn.

It gave me different type of feelings to do something to be one of those few people who has made it possible. It wrote some articles in this blog at earlier time. I've deleted all of them to day and want to start every thing newly. I hope many people will take it as an inspiration to determine what to do.

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