Thursday, 8 April 2010

safety tips to use a public computer.

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We need to use public computer for various reasons. Sometimes we need to use the public computers in cyber cafe or we use it in our campus. But do we know those computers are safe enough to use our personal information in it? Perhaps no. We are not aware of it. But it may causes to lose our account information, password or credit card number. So we need to follow some simple rules to prevent our personal information being hacked.

  • Don't forget to log out.
Don't forget to log out when you finish browsing any site. Don't just close the window or type another address in the address bar with out logging out. Generally social networking sites or web mail like yahoo or gmail keeps the log in records that will save your logged in condition. Then it is very easy for the man who came next to use the site with your account. So just log out at the time of leaving the pc.

  • Don't save password.
When you type your user name and password in any site some browser will ask you to save your password in the browser. Never do it in a public computer. When you sign in, you will see a tick box that says "remember me" or "keep me sign in". Always keep it unchecked before log in.

  • Clear your History.
After finishing your work delete the history and the temporary Internet files to protect your privacy.

  • Don't use super sensitive information in a public pc.
Hi, if you really want to safe, don't type the Credit card number and password or any other financial information in a public computer. It is possible for a hacker to use any program to record the key stroke in any computer. It is also possible to keep the records of your user name and password, even you logged out and deleted all of your activities in that computer.

So, don't do this if you rally want to be safe.

These are all for this time. But not for all time. Enjoy!

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