Friday, 9 April 2010

Use Gmail as Hard drive.

Posted on 10:49 by anika

Nowadays, Google is offering 7GB space in gmail. How much are you using? 5, 1 or 20 percent? Oh! its very difficult for you to use 20 percent. Ok, what ever may be. Do you know you can use your extra gmail space as your hard drive?
Some times, it may happen that you do not enough space in your hard disk but you need to store some data in it. At that time you generally delete some files that are unnecessary or less necessary. But at that time you can use your extra gmail space as your hard disk space.
If you want to do this, Download Gmail drive at first. Then extract the file and click on setup.

After finishing it, Go to your my Computer. You will see an extra drive icon named "gmail drive".
Double click on it and you will see a box will appear to log in.
Use your gmail account to enjoy the gmail drive. you will to upload and download your files in this drive. If your Internet connection is well, why hesitate to use?

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